Updating the BASIC stamp

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Updating the BASIC stamp

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Many of us more seasoned engineers (old like me) remember the Parallax BASIC stamp. It was a handy gadget for doing some simple micro control in on the bench.

I am starting a Kickstart campaign to do an Open Source Hardware version of that based on the LPC11U37.


It will include a BASIC as well as C from gcc, mBed and other sources.

Maybe more useful to this group, by adding a JTAG connector it can be downloaded with the CMSIS-DAP code and used as a serial wire/JTAG debugger.  (it was on the bottom of this prototype, but will move to the top)

Jumpering that JTAG as a target will also allow program development in MCUxpresso, Keil and IAR.


A simple design brings out all the pins of the LQFP48 LPC11U37.

webpage -- www.basicchip.com

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