Programming flash on a single LPC-Link2 board

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Programming flash on a single LPC-Link2 board

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I have one LPC-Link2 board (with LPC4370 microcontroller). I found out that it can be used either as a target board or as a debbuger board for a separate target. But, would it be possible just to program flash on a single LPC-Link2 board just to run binary code (without debugging yet) without having to buy an additional LPC-Link2 board?

I tried to program flash with a .bin file (which was an example included with LPC-Scrypt) with LPC-Scrypt tool. That example worked properly on the board (the LED blinked). Later, I created and built a simple LPCXpresso C++ project, but I wasn't able to send it to flash with an appriopriate tool in the IDE. Then, I tried to send the generated .bin or .axf file to flash with LPCScrypt, but it appeared not to work properly on the board.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Michal

Do you want to program the application burning file to LPC4370 ? You can do that with FlashMagic in LPC4370 ISP mode.

FlashMagic download: Flash Magic - Welcome 

Refer UM for the LPC4370 ISP mode setting.

Best Regards

Jun Zhang

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