Migrating from ARM 7 TDMI to Cortec M3 or M4

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Migrating from ARM 7 TDMI to Cortec M3 or M4

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I am beginning to have a situation...  The NXP LPC2148 microcontroller we have used and developed for several years has reached the "Not Recommended for New Design" stage.  This means I have some time to work on the replacement of the micro but not unlimited time.

What I would like to do is migrate to the ARM Cortex family, especially the M3 or M4 variant.  The problem I have found is there seems to be very little documentation regarding this process.  Somewhere there must be some information,examples and/or recommendations regarding the migration from the ARM 7 to The ARM Cortex family.

Do you have any information?  Can you point me in the direction of some information?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Please check the AN10878 appnote, this application note introduces the important features of the LPC1700 series (Cortex-M3 based), and details the differences when compared to the LPC2000 family (ARM7 based). This application note will help enable users have a smooth migration process from the LPC2000 family to the LPC1700 series. 


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Hi Sol,

The Application Note is useful but does not go into the details. I am

looking for a "from to" comparison for the interrupts and pin

definitions.  I guess I can look for example code for the M3 and M4

using the IAR EWARM Embedded Workbench.  But you would think someone

else has already done that and made the comparisons.

Also Which processor in the NXP arsenal most closely crosses to the 

LPC2148FBD64 taking into account;

Early in the Life Cycle (I do not want to do this again any time soon.)

ARM Cortex-Mx



Michael Coffee

Design Engineer

Chemtrac Inc.


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