LPC55S69: flexcomm's gpio pins

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LPC55S69: flexcomm's gpio pins

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Hello !

I have uarts, i2c and spi interfaces in use. While PowerDown pin muxing remains and I reinitialize only relevant drivers after wakeup.

But it is not clean in what state remains interface pins. Should be PullDown resistor added to interface lines for be sure

if there are not leak any current ? I2C lines have external PU resistors as usually.

But what about UART and SPI lines.

SPI3 interface remians active during PowerDown mode and in my case it is configured as slave,

But master on other MCU what is connected to LPC has own "PowerDown" and activate PullDown resistors.

What kind of effect it might have for always active lines of SPI3 ?

How to handle flexcomm's lines while PowerDown mode for minimaze chip consumption ?



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