LPC55 USB host dual instance

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LPC55 USB host dual instance

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We're actually working on a project using the two USB ports (HS/FS) of an LPC55S28 as host controllers.

When configuring both ports as host in MCUXpresso IDE, we get a message telling that only one host instance is allowed.

Could you please confirm there is no way to use the two ports as host with this USB library?

If yes, do you know any other USB stack capable to managing this configuration?

Thanks a lot,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Michael,

Currently, it is a limitation of the USB component to support one more instance of USB device. 

We are not able to provide the update of the USB component to support two USB devices in the MCUXpresso Config Tools at the moment  due to limited capacity.

The only possible workaround is complete renaming of a generated USB code example (all files, global function and definitions) and generating a new one for the second USB device of the MCU. The shared definitions and USB device configuration must be merged.

Hope this helps,

Jun Zhang

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