LPC546xx IAP documentation error (UM10912)?

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LPC546xx IAP documentation error (UM10912)?

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According to the UM10912, Chapter 5: LPC546xx ISP and IAP, Table 77.

IAP Read Boot code version number

Command:   Read boot code version number

Input:            Command code: 55 (decimal)

Result:         Result0: Two 32-bit words. Word 0 is the major version, word 1 is the minor version.

However when executing this command the result is NOT two 32-bit words but two 8-bit bytes packed int Result0.

After executing the command the result in Result0 is 0x00001301 which means Major version 0x13 and Minor version 0x01.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The lower 2 bytes with major/minor version number is the correct output format.

The user manual is wrong, as a consequence this could also be wrong in some tools like the SDK.



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