LPC43XX LPCLink2 No debug information available Error

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LPC43XX LPCLink2 No debug information available Error

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Hi to you all,
I'm on a journey to get USB working in a multicore project using LPC4370 (more here).
I'm now trying to set up a m4 + m0app project.
I think I'm doing quite good since I managed to compile it with no errors.
My problem is that I can not debug it (using an lpc link 2 as a debbuger and another lpc link 2 as evaluation). I select the m4 master project and hit debug. Then I chose JTAG and the process starts.
After a few secs I get this:
Which is not what I would expect.
I move on to press "play" and it reloads the same view.
Then I try to debug my m0 project selecting "Attach to a running target using LinkServer" and I get this error:

I don't know what is going on, since I'm able to correctly debug the blinky example on the m4 as well as other m4+m0sub projects.
Two things are different here: I run code form FLASH and I use m0app.
Here my memory configs for m4 and m0app

Any help would be great, I'm really stuck with this..


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With an address of 0x7e57f4, not being a valid address, implies that your application has gone bad. Probably an overflowing stack or heap causing the stack to become corrupted. Suggest you try to debug that before you try and start the m0 (which given what you say, it probably has not been started yet, so is held in reset.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Andrea,

Have you identified where in the execution this stops? Checking the memory map you post it looks good but maybe you could try dumping the memory and check if the flash content is correct.

Let me know your findings.

Best Regards,

Alexis Andalon

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