LPC4300 VGA camera resolution

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LPC4300 VGA camera resolution

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
Content originally posted in LPCWare by rboldu on Wed Jul 22 20:46:24 MST 2015

I'm new in the "cameras world" and I'm developing a "wearable device" that needs some image processing and few more lite features.

I haven't thought using LCP until I saw the Pixy project, they have really good results using the LCP4300. To my understand they are working with QVGA resolution, the resolution that I'm trying to get is at least VGA (640*480), 30 FPs, the camera that I have is the OV7675 YUV422.

The questions that are coming to my mind are:
-Do I need an external RAM to manage the image or it's possible to do it with the integrated one?
-If I want to create a webcam with it, I will like to use the USB video device class protocol (UVC), do you know if I can find any reference?
-I'm also deciding between the LPC4300 (204MHz) and STM32F4(180MHz), Which one you recommend me?

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