LPC11U14F connection via USB

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LPC11U14F connection via USB

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This is a fully beginner question as I have no prior knowledge of connecting microcontrollers or configuring them. But I would like to learn while I fix my HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard that has this microcontroller LPC11U14F.

There is column of keys of that has stopped working and it is really difficult to find the broken track through multimeter continuity test. So, I wanted to know if I can read the microcontroller configuration and find the particular set of keys connection into that microcontroller. This might help me fix the broken track/connection.

Please be a little kind.

Thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


If the part is not protected by code, it's possiable to read binary code with SWD or UART ISP mode. but you can't readout the source code.

If th part is protected, you can't read out the code.

It is decided by how programmer programming the code.


Jun Zhang

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It's wonderful to see your enthusiasm for learning about microcontrollers and addressing your keyboard issue with the LPC11U14F microcontroller from NXP, which likely handles USB connectivity for your keyboard.

Reading the microcontroller's configuration directly may not be simple, especially without prior experience. The configuration is usually stored in firmware, a low-level software providing specific hardware control. Accessing or understanding this firmware requires specialized knowledge and tools.

However, you can troubleshoot the issue by grasping keyboard operation principles. Each key connects to the microcontroller via a matrix of rows and columns. If a whole column of keys isn't working, check for disconnections or damage along the connection path.

Consider replacing the microcontroller only if the entire keyboard is functional. This complex task requires desoldering the old one and soldering a new one in place. Always prioritize safety when working with electronics. Best of luck with your troubleshooting!

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