How to generate nano seconds delay in LPC1768

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How to generate nano seconds delay in LPC1768

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We are trying to develop the nano seconds delay but ended up with 1 us delay minimum.



LPC_SC->PCONP |= (1<<SBIT_TIMER0) | (1<<SBIT_TIMER1); /* Power ON Timer0,1 */

LPC_TIM0->MCR = (1<<SBIT_MR0I) | (1<<SBIT_MR0R); /* Clear TC on MR0 match and Generate Interrupt*/
LPC_TIM0->PR = 0;//
LPC_TIM0->MR0 = 10;//
LPC_TIM0->TCR = (1 <<SBIT_CNTEN); /* Start timer by setting the Counter Enable*/


void TIMER0_IRQHandler(void)
unsigned int isrMask;

isrMask = LPC_TIM0->IR;
LPC_TIM0->IR = isrMask; /* Clear the Interrupt Bit */

LPC_GPIO0->FIOPIN ^= (1<<LED1); /* Toggle the LED1 (P2_0) */

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Senior Contributor III

How many nanoseconds? If you are running at 100Mhz, each instruction will take at least 10nS (you also have to factor in flash waits states etc). A very very tight loop with a counter is going to take 50-100nS. Then factor in function calls and bit manipulation (if you want to set GPIOs), then I doubt you could get better than 250nS minimum (I’ve not done exact calculation, so this is ballpark)