Auto baud rate detection in uart of LPC54608J512BD208

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Auto baud rate detection in uart of LPC54608J512BD208

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I want to automatically detect the baud rate of sender and tune my Uart to the same baud rate so that user doesn't have to manually configure the uart communication parameters.

I am using LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller. Uart is used for Modbus RTU communication over RS485. I want the my slave device i.e LPC546 microcontroller unit to tune automatically to the sender's communication parameters.

Most of the microcontrollers provide auto baud rate detection feature in hardware. I couldn't find this feature in lpc546. 

I want to implement autobaud rate detection feature in this microcontroller, how do i go about it?


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Auto detection implies a negotiation phase, were one instance (usually a master) sends known data for a given time. You can go through all allowed baudrates, and check if you receive the agreed value.

AFAIK, Modbus has no such autodetect feature.

Most industrial and control busses are static, i.e. require a known setup and configuration - hot-plugging is not allowed.

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