32 GB SD Card write through LPC3250

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32 GB SD Card write through LPC3250

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We are using the LPC3250FET296/01,5 processor for our project. We wanted to use an SD card for storing some processed data. We plan to use a 32 GB SD card through the SD card interface provided for the LPC. However, it is stated that " Conformance to the SD Memory Card Specification Version 1.01" , which upon referring will tell us that the user memory space is only upto 2GB. Am I missing something here ? Or will the LPC3250 support only upto 2GB through the SD card interface?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


With the appropriate drivers, our LPC32x0 customers should be able to access SDHC cards, but not at the card's rated max data rates. Linux supports SDHC cards.  However, Our LPC32x0 Common Driver Library does not have support for sector addressing.


To recap, LPC3250 can support 32G SDHC card, but need proper SW support. so far we don't have this demo. the only downside is the SDHC communication speed that will be lower than the max data rates.

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