The Future of Microcontrollers is Low Power... LPC550x Introduction

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The Future of Microcontrollers is Low Power... LPC550x Introduction

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The Future of Microcontrollers is Low Power... LPC550x Introduction

Introducing the LPC550x/S0x family of MCUs

The LPC550x/S0x is an extension of the LPC5500 MCU series based on the Arm® Cortex®-M33 technology, featuring up to 256kB of Flash memory and 96kB of on chip RAM. There are up to 8 Flexcomm (choice of any 8 serial –I2C/UART/SPI) and one dedicated 50MHz SPI, and CAN FD(CAN 2.0 for LPC550x). The dual 16-bit ADC can do two independent conversions simultaneously at 2MSPS, there are up to 10 ADC input channels. The comparator has 5 input pins and an external reference voltage.


LPC55S0x MCUs have the Arm TrustZone® technology support and are powered with a security acceleration engine (CASPER) and Secure ROM to provide the support for RSA base authentication. The on chip Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) uses a dedicated SRAM for silicon fingerprint instead of storing the Root key, which means there is no way to read the root key without powering the device up. It also features a True Random Number Generator (TRNG), AES encryption/decryption engine, 128 bit unique device serial number for identification (UUID) and Secure GPIO.


Powering the System

Operating at up to 96MHz, the active power consumption of the LPC550x is only 32uA/MHz. The on chip flash is optimized for low power hence it does not perform well in pure Flash and CPU benchmark like the EEMBC Coremark. However in practice, most applications have relatively slow peripherals like I2C, UART, being the bottleneck.  The MCU’s low power consumption performance means that a lot of power is being saved for the system.

In addition, high power efficiency enables the LPC550x devices to run much cooler than most 32-bit MCUs. The on-chip DC-DC gives >85% power conversion efficiency, result in very little energy loss as heat inside the chip. In fact LPC5500 MCU series has <2 deg C self-heating when operating at the max frequency.

The highly accurate (+/-2% at full temp range, +/-1% from 0 to 85 deg C) on chip Free Running Oscillator (FRO) provides the 96MHz without the need of addition PLL or external crystal for running UART, reducing power consumption.

The simple power modes:  Sleep, deep-sleep with RAM retention, power-down with RAM retention and CPU retention, and deep power-down with RAM retention; Provide user the choice on what to keep alive when going into low power mode.

In addition, LPC550x/S0x MCUs can be woken-up from configurable peripherals interrupts like the 32kHz RTC, resulting in more power savings.


Powering the Future

The LPC550x/S0x family provide a powerful 32-bit MCU with 256kB Flash, low power (active and leakage) at a price point the current existing Cortex-M33 base MCU in the market cannot meet.


Let the LPC550x/S0x power your next product! Learn more about this family at

Here's the picture of the LPC55S06 EVK board



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