SDK Real-time clock adaptation hanging after running cmd_get_datetime

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SDK Real-time clock adaptation hanging after running cmd_get_datetime

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Hello, in this thread Unable to use an RTC example - source files missing in KDS 3.0 thanks to Jorge Gonzalez I managed to successfully build a project adopting majority of code from SDK example for RTC.

Now I have encountered another problem.

When I debug the SDK example after calling


it goes for the following calls:


RTC_DRV_GetDatetime(0, &date);



RTC_HAL_GetDatetimeInSecs(RTC_Type *rtcBase, uint32_t * seconds)


RTC_HAL_GetSecsReg(RTC_Type *rtcBase)

And from 3. it calls



Stepping into 4. returns the debugger up to point 2.

Everything works OK.


However, in my application putting same (with all preceeding initializations copied from SDK example):


After identical jumps to 1, 2, 3 and 4 it jumps to one more file startup_MKL43Z4.S

where it loops infinitely around the following fragment of assembly code (ldr and bx):

DefaultISR:     ldr r0, =DefaultISR     bx r0     .size DefaultISR, . - DefaultISR

So the behaviour differs from original SDK example, where after calling RTC_RD_TSR(rtcBase); it immediately returns to the calling function.


Do you have any idea what might be causing it?

Why does it enter a section concerning some DefaultISR, if I do not trigger any interrupt?

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After searching for USB0_IRQHandler I found a topic with identical observation MK2251212_features.h error? USB IRQ Location? , despite the fact that mr Donald Bosley was using DMA and some USB functionalities and I am not.

In my case after thorough debugging session I managed to find that not necessarily


is causing trouble.

The first line causing problems is the call to


which has the following body:

void hardware_init(void) {

  /* enable clock for PORTs */

  CLOCK_SYS_EnablePortClock(PORTA_IDX);//This line does NOT cause error

  CLOCK_SYS_EnablePortClock(PORTC_IDX);//This line does NOT cause error

  CLOCK_SYS_EnablePortClock(PORTD_IDX);//This line does NOT cause error

  /* Init board clock */

  BOARD_ClockInit();//These DO

  dbg_uart_init();//These DO


and the BOARD_ClockInit(); and dbg_uart_init() are the lines causing the jump to the Default interrupt, leading to an infinite loop.

My guess is that the ISR vector table is somehow wrong. Am I right? If yes - how to fix it?

NOTE: I do not use UART (it seems that the error is connected with it)



EDIT: I found this in SDK FAQ:

I’m trying to use a driver and keep falling into the default ISR in startup_<mcu>.s

Make sure to include an interrupt handler for the peripheral you’re using inside your project. By default, all the peripheral IRQ handlers go into a default handler that does an infinite branch. The easiest way to fix this issue is to add the C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0\platform\drivers\src\<drivername>\fsl_<drivername>_irq.c file inside your project.

I placed fsl_rtc_irq.c in my Project folder, however this did not change the behaviour. Application is still jumping to infinite Default IRQ. What am I doing wrong?


Relocating vectors to RAM

from "Interrupt_handling_KSDK.pdf" also did not help. Program still goes to USB0_IRQHandler.

Maybe I should add some of the Cross ARM C Linker -> Miscellaneous -> Other linker flags from the working SDK RTC example?

They are as follows:

-Xlinker -z  -Xlinker muldefs   --specs=nano.specs          -Wall  -fno-common  -ffunction-sections  -fdata-sections  -ffreestanding  -fno-builtin  -Os  -mapcs  -Xlinker -static  -Xlinker --defsym=__stack_size__=0x2000  -Xlinker --defsym=__heap_size__=0x2000

^ I have checked them, and with this linker flags the project does not compile.

After performing the steps from Edit1 and Edit2 the program again "crashes" with the call to cmd_get_datetime()

hardware_init(); does not cause the jump to Default ISR now.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Piotr Cerba:

At the beginning you mentioned "...adopting majority of code from SDK example for RTC".

What do you mean with majority? Could you post your project so I can give it a check?

In case it is useful I attached the standalone version of the demo rtc_func_frdmkl43z.

About your edits and the steps I took to create the project:

- EDIT1: That is true, for most projects you need to pull the fsl_<module>_irq.c file, but in this case the functions in fsl_rtc_irq.c are different from those of the demo, defined in main.c. So you can remove the file and use the same functions as in main.c.

- EDIT2: For MQX it is required to have vectors in RAM so you can install interrupt handlers. For a baremetal application it is not strictly required.

- Copy the linker flags and change the language (in Cross ARM C Compiler -> Optimization) to GNU ISO C99(-std=gnu99).

Let me know about any doubts.


Jorge Gonzalez

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