Kinetis SDK for EA series (Automotive)

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Kinetis SDK for EA series (Automotive)

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My next project is based on Kinetis EA series (Automotive grade cortex M0+) MCU. But it is not supported in KSDK v2 ( ) I am also not able to find anything similar for it. The video shown in this page shows a program structure that I have never seen in ARM world (there were not startup code that even initialized the clocks sources, no CMSIS code, no interrupt handler files)

NXP Freedom Development Platform for Ultra Reliabl|NXP


That confused me a lot. Please help.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, all,

The KDS tools focuses on Kinetis processor including KE/KEA/KV/KW... and K families, the S32 design studio  tools focuses on auto processor including the KEA and Power PC families. Because the KEA family belongs to both Kinetis family and auto family, so both KDS and S32 tools support KEA family.

I suggest you use KDS tools to develop application for KEA family,  the KDS tools exists for a long time, we have a lot of example based on KDS tools, furthermore, the KDS support SDK, the SDK is a driver for Kinstis family.

This is website of KEA family:

ARM Cortex-M0+|Kinetis KEA 32-bit Automotive MCUs|NXP

Hope it can help you.


XiangJun Rong

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I also noticed that the second page of the FRDM KEA page lists the "S32 Design Studio" toolchain.  First of all, the link "Get S32 Design Studio" button is broken.  But what is the difference between this and Kinetis Design Studio?  Why would I want S32 Design Studio instead?

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