KSDK SPI pin connection

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KSDK SPI pin connection

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HI everyone,


I am trying to make KSDK SPI. I am using it to communicate with nordic RF module which is supposed to be mounted on a port on K64F rev E board.


I am trying to use the DPSI blocking example in KSDK but it doesnt seem to work. I am using SPI1 port. I want to make sure the connections are alright as rev E has PTB20 as chip select. Where do I check the connections in SDK?? Which file/folder contains relevant code?


Any help would be appreciated as it would save a lot of time.

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Hello Ammad,

What is not working in the demo?

Since you are using the instance 1, please take a look into the thread in the below which explains an issue in the Kinetis SDK regarding the DPSI with eDMA for this instance and how to solve it.

DSPI DMA slave on K64

About the pin configurations, please take a look into the board folder, specially the pin_mux.c file. Please be sure that the pins that you are using are initialized to work as SPI instance 1 pins.

Best regards,

Earl Ramírez.

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