KSDK GPIO driver with Processor Expert

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KSDK GPIO driver with Processor Expert

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KSDK GPIO driver with Processor Expert

This video shows how to use Processor Expert to configure the KSDK GPIO Peripheral Driver with the component fsl_gpio in Kinetis Design Studio.

The steps show how to blink the red and blue LEDs while reading the SW2 button input of a FRDM-K64F. The procedure can be replicated for any KSDK supported board and also with PE Driver Suite. Enjoy!

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Hi Jorge,

Nice video.  Thank you for creating and posting.



Excelent video for begginer programmer, can you create more like this?, please.

And, in the video, you did not configure the pin_init:Pinsettings, because you configure each pin with a a gsl_gpio, but, what happen if you configure the gpio in the init:Pinsettings?, how make the hello world program in this way? and, whats the diference (in the program) with fsl_gpio and fsl_gpio_hal?


Carlos E.

Hello Carlos:

I am glad you found the video useful. Actually I am not so skilled making videos so it takes me some time. If I have a chance let me see if I can come up with more like these.

Also not videos but you can find several documents and guides in the community. See the next lists:

KSDK list of documents

KSDK list of examples

PinSettings is a dedicated component for the configuration of pin muxing and pin features (pull-ups, pull-downs, high drive strength,..). This component only generates code for the initialization of pins, but that's it, you have to add any specific peripheral driver component (e.g. fsl_gpio, fsl_i2c).

You are right that in the video I did not configure PinSettins, because it gets automatically updated when selecting pins for a particular driver component (e.g. fsl_gpio), but other than configure the pin as GPIO I did not require any pin specific feature.

And about fsl_gpio vs fsl_gpio_hal, these components are for Peripheral Driver and HAL layers of KSDK v1.x. See the Chapter 2 Architectural overview in the API Reference Manual for a detailed explanation:



Jorge Gonzalez

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