How to Add lwIP to KDS3.0 Project

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How to Add lwIP to KDS3.0 Project

How to Add lwIP to KDS3.0 Project

Hi folks,


I would like to share my experience using lwIP with KSDK1.2, I hope this will be useful for people who is getting started with this TCP/IP stack.


I must admit that I really dislike working over an example application (please do not misunderstand my message, these examples are really nice but just as examples, not to develop new applications over them), the problem is that these project are not stand alone and if they are moved from their original locations it becomes a mess. This is why I always create a standalone projects.

For instance I will describe how to run ‘lwip_tcpecho_demo’ and after this, how to reproduce this example as a standalone project.


  1. Running ‘lwip_tcpecho_demo’
  2. Creating a new project with lwIP support using FreeRTOS




I hope you find it useful.




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Thanks for posting this, I was unable to get the example projects to compile on their own without errors previously, and also had issues moving projects away from the default folder structure. This write-up is much better and solved both problems. 

There are still issues with the other example projects, especially those relating to MQX/RTCS, but these steps may be helpful in that area as well.

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