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Create new KSDK Projects

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Create new KSDK Projects

At the moment the best way to create a new KSDK example project is copying one of the existing projects in the /demos folder and renaming all the files and text to the new name. I've created a simple script that does all the work for you.


To run, just place the .exe or Perl script in the C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.0.0\demos folder and run. By default it'll copy the "hello_world" project to a new directory, and change all the "hello_world" text and files names to your new project name. Pretty straight forward, but much easier and less prone to error than doing it by hand. I've attached both the Perl source and a .exe created from that perl script. There is a command line option to specify the project to be copied, but by default it uses the hello_world one.


Hope you find it useful!

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Hi Anthony,

thank you for sharing this useful tool, as you said this is the best way to create a project.

I also created a document explaining each step to create a new KSDK project in KDS using the wizard and I mention how to solve the problems you could find in this process. You can find it in the link below.

Writing my first KSDK Application in KDS - Hello World and GPIO Interrupt

Best regards,


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