Sequence Builder .elf Error

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Sequence Builder .elf Error

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I am working with KMS and have been able to successfully spin my motor.  I've moved on to trying to build a sequence but I keep getting an error in KMS stating the <projectname.elf> does not exist.


169532_169532.jpgKMS Error.jpg


I import the project into KDS 3.0 and try to compile there.  I get four warnings from the drv.c file but they are all intentional.  I also get a single error:


make  <projectname.elf> Error 1 


169533_169533.jpgKDS Error.jpg


Any thoughts?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

First, please make sure you have the latest version of the software. If you need assistance follow the videos on the getting started tab of the Kinetis Motor Suite web page

KMS 1.0.1

KDS 3.2 with all of the updates

KSDK 1.3 Mainline

the missing elf file is due to the compiler errors you have. Your use of KDS 3.0 is what is causing you the headache.  The projects for KMS 1.0.1 are not backwards compatible with KDS 3.0, plus the KDS 3.0 can cause a mass erase of the MCU. 

Once you have these installed and the KMS GUI is pointed correctly at the KDS 3.2 install start a-fresh and use your newly create sequence. 



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