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Protection and Hardware changes_updated.pdf


This document steps the changing of the TWR-MC-LV3PH board to work at 48V 16 A and how to effect these changes in the KMS tool.

As you begin to customize your hardware this document can be used to supplement the information you need to get your custom board up and running with KMS. Please Add these steps to change the max voltage and/or current values in the KMS tool. 


Version 3: Corrected VBUS maximum voltage showing relationship the KMS GUI invokes on the Nominal Motor Bus voltage. 

Version 4: Added paragraph on the sizing of the shunt resistors in response to Pavel's notes.



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In case the board maximum current scale is increased to 16Amps and original shunts (current measurement resistors) are not updated as well, then there is a high risk of board damaging / burning.

The original shunts 0.05 ohms have maximum power rating 2Watts. However for 16Amps and considering harmonic sinusoidal signal  maximum power rating can be:

P = R*I^2 = 0.05 * (16 / 2^0.5)^2 = 6.4Watts

Such high power dissipation will cause shunt burning.



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