Is my Eval Board KMS enabled?

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Is my Eval Board KMS enabled?

Is my Eval Board KMS enabled?

If you have a KV31, or KV11 evaluation board and you want to evaluate Kinetis Motor Suite (KMS) then read on.

KMS came out in the 2nd quarter of 2016.  With that announcement we began supporting KMS on the FRDM-KV31F, the TWR-KV31F120M and the HVP-KV31120M. With the announcement June 2017 we added support for HVP-KV11Z75M, TWR-KV11Z75M, and FRDM-KV11Z evaluation boards.

Before that announcement NXP had sold all but the FRDM-KV11Z evaluation boards to customers and to distributors world wide. The FRDM-KV11Z are all KMS enabled since they are brand new. 

Those sold prior to these announcements did not include the KMS library on the eval board's MCU.

As a general rule: evaluation boards in the thin square white NXP box are KMS enabled boards.  I'm holding up one of these boxes in the picture below.  The older Freescale brown boxes may not be KMS enabled.


For sure if the Quick start guide says it is KMS enabled then the KMS library is pre-programmed into the MCU.


If you have the older board and want to swap it out for one that is KMS enabled, contact me on this community and I will help you out.  I will accept your older board, place the factory image on the board's MCU and send it back.

Happy Motoring,

Philip Drake

Senior Applications and System Engineer

NXP Semiconductor

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Dear Philip,

I have the older board and want to swap it out for one that is KMS enabled, How to do?

Which board do you have? 

To get it re-programmed please send it to me!


Philip Drake

6501 William Cannon Dr West


Austin, Texas 78735

Please include your full name, company name, mailing address so I can ship it back to you.

Best Regards,


Dear Philip,

FRDM-KV31F,but I'm not sure if the issues is the same as what you describe,please see the below picture and confirm it first, thanks a lot !



Hello Allen,

From the photo and screen shot you supplied it looks like the board is already KMS enabled.  There are two parts to the KMS support; 1) The KMS library stored in flash at the top of memory 0x7E000 to 0x7FFFF (8 K). This library is protected as execute only.  2) The KMS reference project is specific to the KMS release, MCU, control type and eval board.  It is expected that if you choose another control type that KMS would give the message.  From the Notification it shows that the MCU is loaded with a KMS reference project from a earlier release of KMS.  When you press OK does the new firmware get loaded?

KMS uses the FRDM-KV31F OPENSDA firmware from P&E.  Some of the FRDM-KV31F boards had the MBED OPENSDA. If you have that then I will have to re-program the board.

Otherwise to verify you have the correct OPENSDA and the latest version of P&E's OPENSDA, open a file explorer window, and open the virtual mass storage device.


Then open the SDA_INFO.HTM, Allow the opening of the P&E web page to view the version. The latest version is obtained from P&E micro's web site.


You should at least have loaded MSD-DEBUG-FRDM-KV31F_Pemicro_v120.SDA.


Best Regards,



We design several motor control boards and order several boards already. We ordered new  MKV11Z128VLH7 without "KMS-enabled" code and solder to many PCB already. How to continue our project without this code???


Hello John, 

If you do not need KMS then you are fine with the the parts you have. If you have developed a KMS project with the KV11 then you will need to order the MKV11Z128VLH7P part number. Here is a link to direct buy.  The P suffix indicates KMS enabled parts. 

The NXP motor control reference designs are an alternative to the use of KMS.  They pre-date KMS but are fully supported.  Source code is available for the demo project in the SDK available now.  MCUXpresso is and IDE which is free to support the KV series MCUs.  If you are moving forward with a BLDC or FOC PMSM project you can download reference designs for each of those. Please see the Reference Designs in either  Software and Tools Tab for the KV11 MCU  or the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.



Dear Philip

I really surprise to this problems which NXP prepare for designers (just erase chip and lost all... or design time mistake... and hidden code damage... ).

First of all I do not want to have headache with hidden firmware from NXP because it simple to damage... I not like it.

MKV11Z128VLH7P components cost same as we payed for MKV11Z128VLH7 and I really cannot understand reason to do code hidden - we cannot use it in another controllers, price same, we start to use new NXP controllers and found traps, I meet this problem first time in my life... just erase chip and lost all... include design time... and have many problems with design time... 

Dear Philip. Would you please give me direct link to reference resign and source code for FOC PMSM without any hidden traps like "KMS-enabled" code to design stable and understandable project.


Dear Philip. I know other company who use additional code and data table (like TI use sine and cosine table in ROM) but it impossible to damage. In case if NXP marketing idea to use simple to damage product cannot  please developers and users. We use before and remember best Freescale product and now we can see NXP activity. I am really disappointed.

We did our best to protect you from having issues with mass erase.  The library code stored in Flash of the 

PMSM FOC reference designs here. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Solutions|NXP 

Here is a link to the FRDM-KV11 SDK which has the motor control BLDC and PMSM demo code that works with MCUXpresso.

You will need the KDS IDE with all of the latest updates for these following reference design.  

Here is the version 1.2 installer for 3 phase PMSM

and the BLDC download link

Documentation is installed.

Best Regards,


Dear Philip.

Thanks for the complete answer.

I have last question in this topic. Can i get binary file to restore my "KMS-enabled" code on my desk?

We cannot send frdm-kv11z and twr-kv11z75m boards any time after erasing or damage "KMS-enabled" code during debugging and testing. this is madness. we already erase several board MCU and it will happen in future... 

We ask you about this because we spend time to study KMS for design mass production product and in the result we have problem. If we cannot solve this problem in our desk we cannot trust it and we will need to found another solution... probably another company. 

if it is impossible to restore our "KMS-enabled" code on our desk, all KMS project looks like "stillborn child from NXP" because no reason to use it in mass production.

Best Regards,


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