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Latest version of the AN2295 universal bootloader includes support for IAR 7.6 IDE.

- added support for Kinetis E MCUs

- Kinetis K,L,M,E,W,V support


The software package includes only the latest support for IAR 7.6. Added Kinetis E family.

Best regards,


I have expanded my project and now the bootloader code is having problem. It stops at the first erase operation. Any tips?

Here the boot working:


here the boot not working:


Hi Andrey,

try to check use the following S19 testing file and let me know.

I am confused about where the latest full release with source is. I am interested in porting to the KL03, and modifying to use a single-wire interface.




Hi Chuck,

I think it should not be a big problem to add KL03 but dont understand why you want to use swd which is primarily used for debugging and programming the application.


I see, that this bootloader project is still alive, great job, guys!

Hi Michael

Note that AN2295 mode is also included in the uTasker serial loader project -

This can be used with all parts (KE, KEA, KL, K, KM, KV) and also directly with many IDEs (KDS, CW, S32, IAR, Keil, Atollic, Green Hills, CooCox, Rowley, GCC, VS 2015).
It also allows mixing AN2295 with other methods - such as AN2295 on a UART, KBOOT on USB HID, USB-MSD at the same time, SD card and/or Ethernet for chips with a controller, so can be used whenever more performance is required or where AN2295 would otherwise require porting effort due to IDE or device limits.

Furthermore it allows the operation (of the complete chip and the protocols in [approx.] real-time) to be simulated for testing, adapting, further developing or debugging, software reviews, code coverage, etc. in situations where highest quality and reliability are demanded.



Hi Pavel,

I see the confusion. I should have been more descriptive of what we are trying to do. Our communication interface for the bootloader is a single-wire software UART, not SWD. After looking through all the various bootloader options and whitepapers, I decided we already had most of the pieces in place, so I implemented our own bootloader, which is working well.




I am searching for the AN2295SW zip file that contains the support for the ColdFire V1. I downloaded the ZIP above but I see no support for the ColdFire, yet the application note does note that it is supported. Does anyone know where I can find latest files?



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