Using Codewarrior and PE on FRDM board, getting ADC and DAC to work

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Using Codewarrior and PE on FRDM board, getting ADC and DAC to work

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1.  In trying to get a simple ADC function to work using adc and PE typical example code, the code doesn't compile.  One variable doesn't seem to be defined.

If someone has a working PE example of a single channel conversion that would be great.

2.  For a simple DAC example using CW and PE, when trying to execute

Error = dim_voltage_SetValue(MyDACDataPtr, 0xffff);  which is basically sending a value to the DAC output, the debugger goes to:



  /* This code can be changed using the CPU component property "Build Options / Unhandled int code" */


what causes this, and if its an unhandled interrupt how do I find out what caused it?

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Regarding ADC. I also used the typical example code and had no trouble compiling it.

Here's my code, it's almost the same as the example code. I only altered it to work with a static sample group (here group 1).

     AD1_TResultData MeasuredValue[SAMPLE_GROUP_SIZE];

     LDD_TDeviceData *MyADCPtr;

     LDD_TError Error;

     MyADCPtr = AD1_Init((LDD_TUserData *)NULL); /* Initialize the device */

    Error = AD1_SelectSampleGroup(MyADCPtr, 1U);
   Error = AD1_StartSingleMeasurement(MyADCPtr); // Start continuous measurement 
   while (!AD1_GetMeasurementCompleteStatus(MyADCPtr)) {}; // Wait for conversion completeness 
   Error = AD1_GetMeasuredValues(MyADCPtr, (LDD_TData *)MeasuredValue);  // Read measured values 
   FsrReadings[1] = MeasuredValue[0];

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Thanks filipsobczak,

I can now compile.  So the input is ADC0_DP0 which is PTE20 on the FRDMKL board, but the value never changes, its always 0x5ac, whether I tie the pin to P3V3 [3v] or GND.  What did you set the reference to?  What might I be missing?  In addition I tied VREFH to P3V3 on FRDMKL board but VREFL isn't pinned out.

Thanks btw.

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I'm afraid I can't help you anymore. My voltage referrence pins are VREFH and VREFL. And for further notice ADC0_DP0 is a differential channel. In single ended mode the PTE20 ADC input channel is ADC0_SE0.

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