Use of system mode controller (SMC) in Kinetis

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Use of system mode controller (SMC) in Kinetis

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question 1: I have a K60: MK60DN512VLL10. I have a bareboard project with PE enabled. I have a for loop that checks for several modules in a round robin fashion. I was thinking if there is a possibility to use SMC if possible. I see chapter 14 of reference manual explains this. But is there anywhere that shows me how I can set this up in my ProcessorExpert?

question 2: In chapter 15 of manual, it is talking about power management controller. I need to check if Kinetis is low voltage or high voltage. I see that 15.3 talks about low-voltage detect system, but is there any high-voltage detect system?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I do not think there is PMC(power management controller) bean in PE, if you want to control Kinetis to enter low mode for example VLPR, LLS or VLLSx mode, I suggest you refer to application note  an4470 and it's corresponding example code.

You can download an4470 and an4470sw from the website:

Regarding your second question, for Kinetis K family, the maximum power voltage is 3.6V, we assume that the Kinetis family is powered by battery in hand-hold application, when battery  runs out of energy, the voltage will drop, this is most cases. So we take a lot effort to design for lower power application. but we do not take a lot of effort for the High voltage application, so there is not high-voltage detect system.

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