USB MSD Bootloader in GCC (CW 10.3)

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USB MSD Bootloader in GCC (CW 10.3)

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Has anyone had any luck porting the USB Mass Storage Device Bootloader to CW 10.3 using GCC?  I've been able to port the CW 10.2 project to 10.3 using the Freescale toolchain, and that works fine.  When I move to using GCC, I've been able to get the project to compile and run on custom K60 hardware, but I get a USB Device Not Recognized error during USB enumeration.  I'm thinking that maybe I messed up something in the linker file (the default linker file adds in the extra C++ portions that didn't appear in the original) or in the startup code (currently have the project setup to use EWL).  As I continue to bang my head against the wall with checking everything, I was wondering if anyone has done this already or if someone had tips for other places to look for errors. 

Thanks in advance for your help,


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I think I have the same problem. I'm trying to port USB HID Device project to CrossWorks for ARM (GCC) and I alway get "Device not recongnized" in Windows.

Have you had any luck with this issue? Or does anyone manage to run Freescale USB stack project using GCC?

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