Triggering ADC with PDB in K66 microcontroller

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Triggering ADC with PDB in K66 microcontroller

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Hello all,

I am trying to trigger ADC0 of the Teensy 3.6 with the PDB. I want 2 measurements per PWM period, so I have used FTM3 as a trigger input to PDB0 with 2 pretriggers. The delay of PDB0_CH0DLY0 is 0 while the delay of PDB0_CH0DLY1 is MOD/2.

This is all working correctly. However, I have a weird issue. ADC0 always makes 2 conversions for each trigger, so I get 4 measurements, 2 of which are redundant. To put it simply, ADC0_SC1A and ADC0_SC1B always convert together for each pretrigger.

I have the code of FTM3, PDB and ADC0 below respectively. [Note: MOD value is equal to 599 while Phi is equal to 200.]


void initFTM3(void) {
  SIM_SCGC3    |= 0x02000000; 

  FTM3_SC      = 0x00;   
  FTM3_CONF    = 0xC0; 
  FTM3_FMS    = 0x00;
  FTM3_MODE  |= 0x05;
  FTM3_C0SC    = 0x28;       
  FTM3_C1SC    = 0x28; 
  FTM3_C2SC    = 0x28;
  FTM3_C3SC    = 0x28;
  FTM3_C4SC    = 0x68;
  FTM3_C5SC    = 0x28;
  FTM3_COMBINE  = 0x030303;
  FTM3_COMBINE |= 0x1010;
  FTM3_COMBINE |= 0x202020;
  FTM3_DEADTIME = 0x00;
  FTM3_CNT      = 0x00;         
  FTM3_CNTIN    = 0x00;         
  FTM3_MOD      = MOD;         
  FTM3_SYNC    = 0x02;           
  FTM3_SC      = 0x28;          
  PORTD_PCR0    = 0x400;         
  PORTD_PCR1    = 0x400;         
  PORTD_PCR2    = 0x400;         
  PORTD_PCR3    = 0x400;      
  PORTC_PCR8    = 0x300;         
  PORTC_PCR9    = 0x300;          
  FTM3_C0V      = (MOD+1)/2 - Phi;
  FTM3_C1V      = (MOD+1)/2;
  FTM3_C2V      = 0;
  FTM3_C3V      = (MOD+1) - Phi;
  FTM3_C4V      = ((MOD+1) - Phi)/2 - 8;
  FTM3_C5V      = (2*(MOD+1) - Phi)/2 - 8;
  FTM3_EXTTRIG |= 0x04;


void initPDB0(void) {
  SIM_SCGC6    |= 0x400000;   
  PDB0_CNT      = 0;       
  PDB0_MOD      = MOD;      
  PDB0_CH0C1  |= 0x303;   
  PDB0_CH0DLY0  = 0;     
  PDB0_CH0DLY1  = (MOD+1)/2;    
  PDB0_SC      = 0xBA1;


void initADC0(void) {
  SIM_SCGC6    |= 0x08000000;
  SIM_SOPT7    = 0x00;
  ADC0_CFG1    = 0x04;
  ADC0_CFG2    = 0x04;         
  ADC0_SC2      = 0x40;       
  ADC0_SC3      = 0x00;     
  ADC0_SC1A    = 0x4C;     
  ADC0_SC1B    = 0x51; 
  NVIC_ISER1                  |= 1<<7;
  asm("cpsie i");                 

Below is the ISR of ADC0 to read measurements from the results registers ADC0_RA and ADC0_RB.

void adc0_isr(void) {
  bool control = true;
  if (ADC0_SC1A & 0xCC) {
    V_analog[0] = ADC0_RA; 
    V_o = VoutScale*V_analog[0];
    control = !control;
  if (ADC0_SC1B & 0xD1) {
    V_analog[0] = ADC0_RB;
    V_in = VinScale*V_analog[0];
    control = !control;

The value of the variable control is always TRUE, which means it is toggled twice for each pretrigger which means ADC0_SC1A and ADC0_SC1B convert twice. I want just one conversion per pretrigger.

Does anyone know why this happens? Is there something I missed in the initialization or if I have a mistake in the code?

Thanks in advance.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


if (ADC0_SC1A & 0xCC) . This judgement may have some problems. It should be the 
 if (ADC0_SC1A & 0x80). Because you should judge the bit COCO of SCx. If you use 0xcc to &, then you will find if the conversion complete flag not being set, the judgement is also true. The judgement of SC1B has the same problem.  

Have a great day,

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Contributor I


thank you very much. This helped with the correct calling of the result registers.

However, I think two conversions are still happening when the PDB triggers the ADC the first time in the period.

To explain why I think it is:

  1. I am triggering PDB at time FTM3_C4V = ((MOD+1) - Phi)/2; which is equal to (600-200)/2 = 200.
  2. Pretrigger 1 delay PDB0_CH0DLY0 is equal 0.
  3. Pretrigger 2 delay PDB0_CH0DLY1 is equal (MOD+1)/2 which is equal to 300.
  4. I probe FTM3 counter register FTM3_CNT at the beginning of adc0_isr. 
  5. If I understand correctly, conversion time plus interrupt latency should equal around 30 counts.
  6. So FTM3_CNT at adc0_isr should be around 230 and 530 for pretrigger 1 and 2 respectively.
  7. However, what I get is 260 and 530 for pretrigger 1 and 2 respectively.
  8. I think that the extra 30 counts in the first pretrigger is due to both conversions happening, while the second pretrigger value is correct.

Hope this explains what I am trying to say.


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