The open source driver lib for Kinetis K60

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The open source driver lib for Kinetis K60

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The open source driver lib for Kinetis K60


Our team have developed the K60's peripheral derives lib which is open source and open source firmware library.

the The open source lib have these feature just as follow:

1\The setup code based on the CMSIS Standard;

2\The lib include most of peripherals of K60 such as ADC,DAC,DMA,CAN,FTM,LPTMR,


3\All of the peripheral initiate function are based on the a structure variable Struct format.

4\Add parts of Freescale USB Stack into the lib such as USB CDC and USB HID mouse.

5\We also develop relative example projects to demonstrate how to use the library for the peripheral. All of the project are created by the IAR for ARM Ver.6.4.

The attach is the code. We divide the code into two parts.

One part is driver lib, and another part is project.

PS 1:All of the code comments are Chinese, please forgive.

PS 2:All of drivers is on the \lib\LPLD\HW.

     The K60 project need Unzip into the \porject\.

PS 3:The code has many place that need update and improve.

if you have any doubt and opinions,please contact[AT]

Best Regards


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