TWR system power from custom module?

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TWR system power from custom module?

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We would like to power the kinetis k40 module from a module that acts also as a power supply for many things. Should we connect the traces for all the supply pins on the PCI-e connectors or just a few are enough? I mean we have to make traces that go to all 3.3 V, 5V and GND pins of the TWR elevators to make the k40 work or if i make like... 2-3 for each it should be ok?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Elias:

Not exactly the response to your question, but I recommend you to check the next application notes:

AN4649 Power for the tower:

AN4390 Creating your own Tower Module:

I am unsure about how many pins you should connect, as it depends on the current that you need to drive. Maybe you can give a check to the design files of the primary tower elevator, and see how many lines are routed from the USB and 3V3 regulator to the actual elevator pins.


Jorge Gonzalez