TCPIP Stack for FRDM-K64F

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TCPIP Stack for FRDM-K64F

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I have got the FRDM-K64F and wanted to play around with the webserver demo. I didn't really want to use a RTOS as I am more comfortable programming bare metal.

My overall thought is that the NXP/Freescale TCP/IP stack (lwIP) offering is poor compared with Microchip - unless I am looking in completely the wrong location. Their TCPIP stack examples include pressing radio buttons to switch on IO, reading IO to update radio buttons, reading ADC and writing to AJAX/Javascript parts etc. Plus there are the Windows tools to actually compile the websites down to *.c/*.h/*.bin files. 

On the other hand, information regarding the lwIP stack is generally lacking on the NXP side. I couldn't find any accessible information about modifying the example code and the tool to process the html is a perl script and *.c file with no information how to use these. 

Am I the only one that has these problems? 

I think I might look at a different TCPIP stack offering (such as FNET). Does anyone have any recommendations regarding getting a more functional webserver on the FRDM-K64F?

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See also

Tutorial including web server simulation:

Very efficient dynamic web content generation and control:
- usable with AJAX. Including tools to integrate into code: or can be used with FAT or uFileSystem for loading via FTP (or similar).

ARP, RARP, ICMP, IPv4/IPv6, UDP, DHCP client/server, DNS, TFTP, TCP, dynamic HTTP, HTTP post, FTP server, FTP client, SNMP V1/V2c, multicast with IGMP V1/V2, SNTP, SMTP, POP3, TELNET, NetBIOS and VLAN, plus various useful utilities for real-world Internet work. Multiple interface, network and VLAN capable.

Web server and FTP can work with embedded web pages in internal or external (SPI) Flash, SD card or Memory stick.

Very low RAM use allowing +3'000 simultaneous web client connections with a K64.

Runs also over USB (RNDIS) -

Available as Open Source at

Used since 2004 on Coldfire and Kinetis parts in demanding industrial environments.



Professional support for Kinetis:
Remote desktop one-on-one coaching:
Getting started to expert videos:

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