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Contributor I

Ok, I want to learn designing projects with arm. As I don't want to use the dev boards, I want to obtain my design. Since there is almost zero information about designing arm boards and companies like NXP provides nothing about this. I keep asking to forums etc.

There are famous tools engineers use for designing their boards like Proteus, Altium etc. Is there a documentation about using them to create ARM projects? I can't even use Kinetis schematics provided by NXP since they only supply them in .bxl format.

I am totally exhausted of being supposed to search so hard for any bit of information on this area. I don't understand, do companies not want new people to learn and develop projects?

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Contributor IV

I recently started to work with the Kinetis devices, for my first project I used the K64 FRDM board, that was good to get familiar with the chip, tools, PE and KSDK.

For my second project I downloaded the BXL files and was able to import them into Altium. I created a basic board that I can use for multiple projects using the K26, the board has a USB port added, a couple of switches, LEDs and the debug connector, just a minimum setup. I used the schematics from the demo boards to check what I had included.

Agreed, it could have been easier if the minimum chip setup circuitry had been shown in a data sheet like it used to be, this would be good for an application note.