Question regarding triggering ADC with FlexTimer in MK60 processors?

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Question regarding triggering ADC with FlexTimer in MK60 processors?

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I am using a development board that has the K66 processor on it and it is Arduino-compatible; it's called the Teensy 3.6. I am programming it through the Arduino IDE.

I want to read voltage and current of a full bridge converter output using ADC sampling. I created a center-alligned PWM using FTM1 and set ADC1 to be triggered with FTM1 following the application notes AN4410 and AN5142. 

My question is should I used both ADC's to read the current and the voltage, or should I use one ADC to read both?

Also, should I synchronize FTM1 with other FTM's that I am using to generate the full bridge PWM signals?

Code is attached.

Thanks in advance

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If you use one ADC you can use HW trigger mode to sample two inputs. There will be a delay between the two samples since this represents two conversions.

You can do the same using two software triggered samples (changing the channel between the two).

To get samples of the two values at the same point in time two ADCs need to be used since they can sample/convert in parallel.



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