Kwikstik K40 using hmi and cdc vcom

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Kwikstik K40 using hmi and cdc vcom

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Hello ,

I'm new here.

I've got one big trouble, actually I'm trying to make from my K40 Kiwkstik controller to another device.

To this device I have software to control it by my PC, and now I would like to replace my pc to k40 kwikstik.

So i figure out that I can try to add example projekt I mean project from Freescale 4.0.2 MQX usb device cdc vcom example and example from Freescale TSS 3.1 "library" ( KWIKSTIK_DEMO_MQX).

From last 2 weeks I stuck in death point.

I've got still trouble with header file I mean, when i put classes from cdc vcom example do hmi project CW still scream that he dosen't see header, but I put this header to project and I put even absolute path, but dosen't work.

Please help me It's very imporatnt for me.

Sorry for my poor English :smileyhappy:

King regards

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Let me confirm with you, you have said that you are trying to develop a new device based on your kwikstik K40, this device now is controlled from a PC, but you want to make this device autonomous (controlled by Kwikstik), correct?.

As part of your device functionality you have tried to use "MQX USB device CDC VCOM example" from Kwistik demo, I guess your device needs to keep communication trough USB with other device, is this right?.

You are having trouble integrating the"USB device CDC VCOM example" because the header files from this example are not detected by your CodeWarrior project, right?

I would like to know more about your final application and regard your problem with code it must be probably because you are not including the files in the right way, have you ever tried to use the "USB device CDC VCOM example" as is? did it work?

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