IAR generated scripts to flash load not working from Command line ? (CSPY, P&E micro, infinite loop to select device, cli)

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IAR generated scripts to flash load not working from Command line ? (CSPY, P&E micro, infinite loop to select device, cli)

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I'm new using IAR, and although I'm ok with it, I'm not finding a way to get a flash loading script.

When I do Download active application from IAR > it's working asking me to pass by P&E connection manager to select interface port + device.

The second time asking the same > it's working without asking me anything else (because he saved device + port in a dnx file in the settings folder it seems)


In the same settings folder, it generated some cspy scripts > apparently to start a debug session.

In the comments, it says I can use the --download_only parameter to (obviously) download only the application.

The problem is when I use one of those scripts, it asks me to select a device + interface port (which should be in the dnx file), and once I selected it, it asks me again, and again, and again, and again, etc, etc

Is this normal (I hope not ^^) ?

Also I'm really stuck here, I downloaded read partially all the apparent documentation from IAR, CSpy, PE micro, EWARM, and never found how to feed this dnx file to cspy or do something else.

How should I do to flash this application from command line ? or generate a script from IAR that corresponds to Download active application (I tried with the log all message but not giving anything)

So I'm hopelessly stuck now.

If someone can tell me how to flash a micro using this configuration :

Micro : NXP_KL0x_KL03Z32M4

Interface P&E debug probe multilink universal

IAR : ARM 8.20.2

 I do not necessarly WANT to use IAR to generate the script, it's just that I don't know yet the envronment and so I don't know how to do anything for this particular script I want, I take any suggestion.

Also I'm pretty sure MCUXpresso would be better for that, it's an existing project end of development cycle, changing IDE when I don't even know for sure everything IAR is doing for the project is not a good idea in my opinion. Because changing toolchain would imply redoing a LOT of tests > so not an option for this project, still need to be able to flash it from script

Thanks in advance.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Dear Clement,

I'm very sorry for now answering your question, this case was in a different community until now, so we couldn't see it. 

Are you still having problem with this issue?

Best Regards,

Alexis Andalon

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