Datalogging using Freemaster or other interface for motor control

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Datalogging using Freemaster or other interface for motor control

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My aim is to store every sample of current(Id, Iq), voltage(vd,vq), torque, rotor position,speed of the motor , atleast 250 to 300 samples of each when my system operated at a switching frequency of 8 KHz.

Is this possible with Freemaster? If yes, which types micro-controller and debugger I can use together with it. Also if possible share sample project or video example( This is for our motor control test bench Lab in my university)

If it in not possible with freemater, what is the alternate ways to do it?

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Rathinavel

I don't have enough experience at the moment with FreeMaster to answer the question specifically but I have seen that it supports CAN and UART (maybe USB too?) and there is some extension for Ethernet. I expect that CAN and Ethernet will allow much higher data rates than UART.

However, if you are more interested in logging data than visualising them during operation it may make more sense to save the values locally to an SD card. This will allowing large data logs over long periods of time which can be later analysed on a PC - either by removing the SD card and inserting it into a reader, or by connecting via USB as USB-MSD device or by retrieving the content via FTP (when Ethernet is available).



µTasker Kinetis support

P.S. If you use a K60 (or similar) you have all such interfaces available so can choose your most suitable method without restrictions.

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