Burning Code on KEA128 Chip?

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Burning Code on KEA128 Chip?

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I have got the TRK-KEA and the FRDM development platforms, which I am using to develop some code for an application.

Now, I wish to Burn/Write the code on a Chip (KEA128 chip stand alone or on a circuit) how do I proceed to do the same?
Can anyone suggest me how do I make a proto type? The circuit which would be made, needs to have a connectivity with USB port. How do I achieve this? What softwares do I need? Do I need any new hardware?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi AshutoshB.Juvale‌,

Can you give me more background and information about your first question, to answer the other ones, to design using our MCU in this case the KEA128 here is a document that helps you design using our NXP MCUs. there are software and hardware considerations, you will also need the  KEA 128 documentation you can find it on www.nxp.com.

Have a great day.


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