E14 Sensor: The KDS Port

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E14 Sensor: The KDS Port

E14 Sensor: The KDS Port

This project is a re-build of Yayra Kwaku Adugu's E14 project, now built in KDS.

The project allows the FRDM KL25Z to utilise an external E14 sensor board for accellerometer, magnetometer and pressure sensor, printing data to terminal.


Unfortunately this project runs afoul of a printf bug in KDS and not all printf calls will display properly. More information/examples of this bug can be seen at Re: printf() weirdness - Using printf() with ConsoleIO and TeraTerm via OpenSDA - issues


Hopefully if/when the printf implementation is fixed in KDS, the project should work fine and display data to terminal.


Project Info:

Board used: MKL25Z128VLK4

Terminal Baud Rate: 9600

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