modifying a existing widget on GUI GUIDER

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modifying a existing widget on GUI GUIDER

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Hello all,

I am testing the functionality of GUI GUIDER IDE for develop our design in the NXP families. My team already had the GUI working on an older NXP MCU but need to re design it because it is developed as a draw pixel to pixel (I understand).

I looked up about the widgets of LVGL and think i can recreate the GUI easely with the use of these, but the LVGL's widgets thar are into the GUI GUIDER doesn't meet the characteristics of the design.

I want to modify the widgets on GUI GUIDER with the LVGLs' properties to make as i need them to be. 

One example of it is that i want to make the chart widget on GUI GUIDER as EEG diagram. By default in the GUI GUIDER the chart widget is a line chart and i can give it values and data manually. In LVGL's doc it is an example of this chart widget which looks as ECG diagram, and it has a usage Update modes where it can be 'Add new data in circular fashion, like an ECG diagram'. 

First of all, i want to modify the default widget in GUI GUIDER and create another one, named 'Chart mod' with these ECG appearance and with the option of circular update mode with external data. 

Is this possible?, or is it better to make the code from scratch?  

Usage modes of chart widget:

ECG appearance of chart widget: Chart (lv_chart) — LVGL documentation

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

hi @EnriqueFranky 

For the moment it is not possible to do it with the GUI GUIDER, but we are working to make this possible in the new releases.


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