TWR-58F220M Freemaster Connection Problem

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TWR-58F220M Freemaster Connection Problem

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Hi all,

I have some problems with freemaster connection. I am using tower board system TWR-KV58F220M and TWR-MC-LV3PH. Also I am using J-link. 

So, I can program the board successful via Keil. Motor is spinnig. But when I try to Freemaster, I have failed. 

Open Freemaster 3.0 and open the ready project 'bldc_ref_sol.pmp'. And press to GO button then I have received a message that "Could not open the communication port". Also error code is 0x80000101. The other thing is opening message is 'missing symbol definitions' that I attached.


My comport arrangements and baudrate are true. 

I followed this steps for solution:

Tools -> Connection Wizard -> Connect through a debugger probe or on-board debugger interface -> J-Link or J-Trace interface from segger microcontroller -> Direct Access (And I have nothing, I connot end this process)

Also followed this video in link but I cannot solve the problem again. Still my App ID is offline.


Thank you in advance.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear user,

I cannot comment on this particular KV58 application, but let's first try some general hints:

  1. When connecting over the debugging probe, please make sure your existing debugger session is closed so the debugger does not keep the J-Link device occupied.
  2. When detaching the debugger connection, sometimes the target application stops. Make sure it is running by resetting the hardware board.
  3. In the JLink Communication plug-in settings, don't forget to specify Cortex-M4/M7 or even select the KV58 from the CPU list.

If none of the hints help, please send me a screenshot of your plug-in settings.


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