HoverGames Challenge 1

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HoverGames Challenge 1

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HoverGames Challenge 1

Fight Fires with Flyers

Whether man-made or natural, fires are difficult to predict and control. Fires cause billions in damage, destroy entire towns and forests and put countless lives in danger, including first responders at the front line.


The objective of this contest is to build a solution that enables your HoverGames drone to assist fire fighters in their duties – in any way you can imagine, from wildfires to urban fires. The NXP HoverGames drone development kit includes everything you need to get started on your flying robot.

What will you enable your HoverGames drone to do?
Does your drone help coordinate firefighting teams? Does it deliver supplies or extend communications or logistics networks to difficult-to-reach areas? Scan burning buildings to pinpoint hot spots? Or does it detect and prevent fires before they start?

To kick off your brainstorm, here are some ideas:

  • Extend communications to difficult to reach areas
  • Pinpoint hot spots
  • Monitor emerging fires and potential restarts
  • Track and monitor resources, animals, and people in danger
  • Lead someone out of the wilderness
  • Provide insights on situational awareness
  • Deliver a resource to a trapped person, like a gas mask or a flare, or CB radio
  • Allow only authorized access to the drone
  • Identify and approve drone operators
  • Identify other drones that should not be in the area
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