Porting Colilo to a custom board with MCF5484

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Porting Colilo to a custom board with MCF5484

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I'm attempting to load Linux onto a custom board that was based on the 5485EVB evaluation board. I was able to load the BSP distribution of Linux (from Freescale) onto the eval board with few problems. I pushed colilo onto the flash and just load the image into RAM via tftp. That all works fine.

Now I need to get this onto my custom board. The primary difference between the boards is the memory map. On the eval board the memory map is reported to be:

      Type             Start                End                Port Size
  SDRAM            0x00000000   0x03FFFFFF   32-bit
  MBAR               0x10000000   0x1003FFFF   32-bit
  System SRAM  0x10010000   0x10017FFF   32-bit
  Core SRAM0    0x20000000   0x20000FFF   32-bit
  Core SRAM1    0x20001000   0x20001FFF   32-bit
  Code Flash       0xE0000000   0xE0FFFFFF   16-bit
  Boot Flash        0xFF800000   0xFF9FFFFF   16-bit

My board looks like this:

Type                                  Start                End               
FLASH (8Mx32 32Mb)      0x0000 0000  0x01FF FFFF 
SDRAM (16Mx32 64Mb)  0x0200 0000  0x05FF FFFF

I can't even find the colilo sources. I've been searching for a colilo how-to but it doesn't seem to exist. Can anyone give me a little advice here? Any help would be much appreciated.

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You need to learn all about "ltib".
You can use ltib to put the colilo package source into the ltib//rpm/BUILD directory.  Then you can find the source and modify it.  After you have made mods, then you need to use ./ltib to build the source.

Try executing the command
./ltib --help

Look at the help provided in the BSP for some details on how to build a package from source.
That's what I did.  If you  are still having problems, then send me another email and I will see what I can do to help.

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Thanks for your help!
Since I posted this message I did learn more about tlib and was able to get it to spit out the sources. I've been making changes and trying various things. The biggest obsticle seems to be that a lot of the memory map parameters are not specified in one place but hard coded in various places. If there were a How-To or something for colilo I would feel a lot better.
I have looked at U-Boot (an active project with lots of docs) but it doesn't appear to suppor the M5484 chip that I'm using.
Do you know of a better, easier to modify boot loader for M5484 chip based projects?
Thanks again for your help
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