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M52221DEMO Board help

Contributor I
Hi! I'm new with Freescale and I need some help...
I'm moving from Motorola HC11 to ColdFire 52221 (huge difference) for academic pourposes and
I need something like "Buffalo" (of HC11), where I can access my device from HyperTerminal (or other program) and change memory (sram and flash), upload S19 files, execute my programs and capture my keyboard's caracters for learning applications...

I'm using M52221DEMO board.... There is this kind of suport?
Thank you for your attencion...

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Senior Contributor II
> I need something like "Buffalo" (of HC11), where I can access my device from HyperTerminal ...
If you want a simple USB COM port skeleton program that will allow you to communicate from HyperTerminal to a virtual COM port exposed by the M52221DEMO board via its USB interface, you might check out skeleton.zip here:
Basically, that will allow you to run the USB interface either in host or device mode (see readme.txt) and, if in device mode, you can interpret simple command-line commands (from which point you could implement your own debugger-like functionality).  A few existing commands implement both flash cloning and USB-based flash upgrades (by pasting an S19 file into the HyperTerminal Window).
My goal is to make a skeleton program anybody can adapt to their own needs.
One other thing you might be interested in if you're trying to learn (or teach!) about the MCF52221 MCU is "StickOS", available at the same website.  You can load this onto the M52221DEMO board and then just connect to it with a HyperTerminal and control most of the I/O pins and internal peripherals of the MCU with a simple BASIC programming language, including support for digital input/output, analog input/output, uart input/output, and frequency output pins...  It allows you to quickly connect up things if your requirements are simple (like in a classroom :smileyhappy:.
Good luck!
-- Rich
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Specialist V
Hi Guilherme

Please take a look at the uTasker project and its forum: http://www.uTasker.com/forum/

This supports your board (as well as the M5223X types with TCP/IP).
Since you are using the M52211DEMO you shouldn't have any need for most of the methods you are used to from the HC11 world. It has a built in debugger allowing uploads and debugging with CodeWarrior, so most will be redundant.

The uTasker project supports a menu driven UART interface and also allows simulation of this and most of the chip, so is very useful for study (and development) purposes since it avoids the need for hardware and makes the task more efficient and comfortable.

We are presently in the last phase of testing for a release of USB support for the M5221X/M522X and this will make it even more attractive for your board. The project then includes firmware upload via USB (from any terminal emulator) - we have measured 0.6s for a 36k program upload - which is about 60kByte/s including FLASH programming. This is quite a lot faster than the standard debuggers achieve. The boot loader occupies only 2k of FLASH and also supports optional encrypted uploads so that it can be distributed in a form that is not readable by competitors.

The project is completely free for academic use and also fully supported on the forum. To receive all code and suppport simply visit: http://www.utasker.com/Licensing/request.html



P.S. All registered users will receive a link to the new USB support within the next few days, which includes the capability to simulate USB enumeration and suspend, plus sending and receiving USB data. The stack has been designed to make full use of the USB controllers double buffering capabilities to acheive high throughput but to keep the user interface as simple as possible - the user can simply stream data as if it were a hgh speed serial port, so existing programs using UARTs can be very simply converted to USB based ones by effectively obtaining a USB handle rather than a UART handle - the rest remains the same!


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Senior Contributor III
For the most the "serial monitor" concept is gone.

Now, manufactures provide some free tools that do about the same, and provide a different, but just as rich, learning opportunity.

Since your demo board has a BDM, you would use Code Warrior for those functions.
The Special Edition is free forever up to, I believe, 64K.
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M52221EVB have a firmware called "dBug" that do exactly what I want...
There's a way to install it on my DEMO board? How?
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