Experience with GCC for Coldfire and 9s12......

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Experience with GCC for Coldfire and 9s12......

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone got experience in working with GCC for Coldfire and 9s12 processors.

Recommendations on what GCC to use????

Thanks in advance


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I successfully use GCC/GDB from Codesourcery on coldfire V1 MCUs, with the Eclipse IDE on Win 7. I use the free “lite” version with a (very) low-cost USBDM debugger. I use the USBDM because the lite version of codesourcery  doesn’t include a flasher, and PGO (the great autor of USBDM) provides a free standalone flasher along with an interface dll for GDB

See :




It should normally be possible to do the same with V2-V4 coldfire mcus, but I haven’t try.

See also the "OSBDM" forum for more information.

As far as I know, GCC for MC9S12 is no longer supported


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Sadly, the Firebird32 in no longer in production.

I have a few left, but you can no longer buy them.

Like the page that is to linked says , I did write a fairly complete Wiring Framework for V1, which one of my customers is using.

If any one is interested, it is open sourced.


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We use the CodeSourcery package.

CodeSourcery got bout out by Mentor Graphics. They still seem to have a Free/Lite version available:


The very least you need is a working cross-compiler and cross-linker with C libraries built for the target. The usual tools like nm, gdb, objdump and so on are also useful. That's all we took from the CodeSourcery package, together with a version of "make" that runs under windows. We managed to get the gcc to talk to a USB pod and debug it that way, from the gdb command line.

If you already have a complete working code base (including operation system or event-loop and device drivers) then that's all you need.

If you want a fully featured "integrated development environment" that works like Visual Studio does, then you might be able to use Eclipse, but I've never had any luck with it.


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Hi N,

I use the RTEMS precompiled m68k tools under CentOS to build for MCF52235, MCF52259 and MCF5235.  I have not tried building my own GCC binaries or using them from anyone else.  I have no experience with the 9S12 processors sorry.


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