EZPORT Programmer for MCF52233

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EZPORT Programmer for MCF52233

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I hope someone from Freescale is paying attention and responds to this!

Similar questions have gone answered in this forum, and many people are seeking solutions to this issue.


I am ramping up and need an EzPort production programmer for the 52233. Something with a command line interface, quick installation and explicit support for the 52233 is needed. Where can I get an off-the-shelf solution that will do the job?

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Just since this came up first on the EzPort search, I thought I'd add that you can load StickOS to any one of a number of Freescale DEMO boards and turn the board into a simple EzPort programmer...  From another post...


You can install StickOS on one device (http://www.cpustick.com/downloads.htm), and then wire up its SPI lines to the other device (http://www.cpustick.com/stickos.htm#_Toc294447719) and then you can log into StickOS via a terminal emulator and first set the pins as you have wired them with the "pins" command, and then use the "download <n>" command, where <n> is the target device system clock in Hz (typically 8000000 after reset and before running code, but it depends on how you have CLKMOD* wired).  Then paste the S19 file into the terminal emulator and it will reset the target, put it into EzPort mode, and download the file.


You can also see all the code to do this in the skeleton project at the bottom of the downloads page.  Full documentation on StickOS is also on the downloads page, or here: http://www.cpustick.com/stickos.htm


Feel free to e-mail if you have questions.


-- Rich (rich@testardi.com)

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The intention of EZPORT is that you can use any one of numerous mfg testers or simple of bed of nails.

The EZPORT is intended to emulate a basic SPI flash.  So you can use another MCU if your running small batch builds.


We are working with some tool partners to make an extension to some of the debug wigglers on the market to make them support flashing the part via EZPORT instead of use the debug port.


If you need to do small batch programming you can use the MCF51CN (with network interface).  This part has a complementary MQX release with network support.  We have some sample SPI drivers as well... I imagine you could take a 51CN Tower card and make an EZPORT network based flasher...


If you need a high volume machine... I think some of the flash programming guys like DataIO etc... have SPI based flash programming modes that will work with EZPORT.




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As far as I know, FSL does not have such as standalone programmer which utilizes EZPORT interface on 522xx series. Maybe your need to find other vendors for providing the tool or you can develop the tool by yourself. The system should be quite simple, using one 522xx device as a SPI master and connect to EZPORT of another 522xx device which needs to be programmed; you can implement some kind of command line console with UART and type commands from the master side and receive data either from Ethernet, USB or another UART port on it, then program the data to slave device through EZPORT.
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