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Crystal selection

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Hi, We are working with the MCF51QM128VLH 32bit MCU. Currently, We are using ECS-080-18-23A-JGN-TR crystal with no load capacitance. Now we are planning to define ECS-80-18-30-JGN-TR as alternate crystal whose ESR is 100ohm instead of 80ohms of ECS-080-18-23A-JGN-TR. Generally the  RNEG(negative resistance) of the amplifier should be grater than or equal to 5*ESR.

So please let us know RNEG(Negative resistance) of the amplifier the MCU can provide to the crystal. If the MCU can provide the RNEG >= 500ohms  or not?  

Would you suggest ECS-80-18-30-JGN-TR as an alternate crystal ?


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