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Confirmation auto change

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  1. Dear sir
    I hope you are fine.
    I need some help please
    I have board from sigmaelevator company (DCD-230) IT USE DSP56F803 for door motor control and we can edit some parameters like(open and clos sped and output Hz etc.) when we configure parameters its working good but when turn power off then on many times the parameters configuration is automatic changing
    Without we plug the service tool (programing)
    If you can give me help how I can solve this problem please
    In board no memory just the DSP56F803
Best regards 
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Specialist I

This is a forum for Coldfire chips, which are "MCF5xxxx". That chip is a DSP. You should post in the DSP forum.

Your problem has nothing to do with the chip though. You need the User or Service Manuals for your elevator. That should detail a command which says to save the changed into non-volatile memory, assuming the board has that somewhere. There might be a small EEPROM or it might use the internal 4k of Data Flash inside the CPU.

Something like this (Google found this for the DCD-231)

In the "Examples" section it finishes off with:

(h) Key in ‘BBB’ and ‘39E’ to go [S39] menu to save new data.
(i) Key in ‘AAE’ and ‘1E’ in sequence. Then, the new data is saved.

Your one should have a similar command, maybe the same.



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Contributor I

Thanks for replying 

I have manual for Elevator and I do every thing good 

But my problem is not show directly after once time power off 

Maybe I turn power off and on 10 times and I don't lost configuration or maybe after 4 turn on and off the configuration automatically changes 

The problem maybe in pwoer (vdd,vdda,vss,visa,or vcapc)?

I need solve this problem I have this problem 4 board it in used about 10 year ago 

Thanks for help my

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