AN3906 Ethernet to Serial Bridge - how to expand?

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AN3906 Ethernet to Serial Bridge - how to expand?

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I am looking to expand your application note AN3906 (using MCF51CN Ethernet microcontroller family) to go from an ethernet interface to multiple serial ports. My idea would be to set up the FreeRTOS  for each serial port to be a thread with an ethernet thread receiving/sending ethernet packets and dispatching to/from various serial ports. This is an internal network not connected to the internet and implementing a custom message layer via TCP not UDP. Obviously I would need to handle flow control separate for each serial port but there are no hard real time requirements. Are there additional considerations under this approach?  I would like to handle up to 8 serial devices (maybe more?) as these are not real time devices (sensors like temperature monitoring, etc)


Thanks for any thoughts,

-Phil B

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