Setting up an existing project for the simulator

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Setting up an existing project for the simulator

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We are using CodeWarrior for StarCore 10.7.2.  We have an existing project that we build and run on hardware.  The project was originally developed on the MSC8126, ported to MSC8144, and again to MSC8156.  We have no in-circuit emulation or JTAG probe capability on the hardware.  All we can do is look at global memory.

The project contains three "pieces": a vendor-supplied G.729AB codec in a library, a MELP codec in a library, and the actual application executable.

We recently discovered that there is a serious problem in the G.729AB codec.  The codec came from DelCom 10 years ago.  DelCom is now apparently out of business and long gone.  By carefully reading the code and comparing intermediate results to the ITU-T reference implementation, I've already found and fixed a couple of problems.  I'm at the point where that is no longer sufficient.

Basically, I need to set up the simulator, and debug interactively.  The documentation does not address the question of taking an existing project and adding simulator debug capability.

Can anyone please provide a procedure, or at least some tips?

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