Hey StarCore users! CodeWarrior for v10.2.12 is here!

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Hey StarCore users! CodeWarrior for v10.2.12 is here!

Hey StarCore users! CodeWarrior for v10.2.12 is here!

The past week I received an email with Freescale great news! on the top of it I could read the phrase:


"Now Available - CodeWarrior Development Studio for StarCore v10.2.12"


And as you might well imagine I got all excited to see what new features this software brings into the party. The highlight of this release in comparison to the previous one, includes an updated version of SmartDSP OS and addresses some errata.


Now, if you are developing for MSC8156, PSC9131 and G1110, or need early PSC9132 support, you totally should download the product, as well if the build tools (via makefile) and simulators (via Runsim) you're using support MSC8156 and SC3850 development.


If you need to migrate MSC8144 projects to target MSC8156 and you are currently using CodeWarrior Developer Studio 3.2 and previous versions, you must get it, too!


Finally, if you seek for better performance from code not previously hand-optimized or developers willing to tune their code for performance, you woulnd't want to miss this, would you?


Are you familiar with any of these cases? Download the new product!



For internal users,you can obtain JTAG and Trace Hardware by contacting your local Freescale sales representative or Buy Direct on the Freescale web site. Part numbers for the hardware are listed below:


  • CWH-UTP-STC-HE: USB TAP for StarCore
  • CWH-ETP-STC-HE: Ethernet TAP for StarCore



On the contrary, if you are developing for StarCore MSC8122/26, MSC8113/12, MSC8101/3, and MSC711x DSPs, I do not recommend you to download it because these processor families will not be supported with CodeWarrior for StarCore v10.0. Also if you are already developing production code targeting StarCore MSC8144 using CodeWarrior for StarCore 3.2, I strongly advice you to keep creating amazing stuff with this version.


For any concern, follow DebuggerGuys and don't be afraid of asking your doubts!

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