codewarrior usb tap firmware update problem

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codewarrior usb tap firmware update problem

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I got a codewarrior usb tap, its version is 900-75115 REV C.

I want update its firmware through codewarrior IDE 10.4.

Can it supoort more devices?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello wangcuixm wangcuixm,

For USB TAP Firmware updating, please use the following procedure.
Please open CCS from Start->Programs->Freescale CodeWarrior->CW for PA <version>->CodeWarrior Connection Server, and type the following commands.
(bin) 93 % config cc utap
(bin) 94 % show cc
0: USB TAP (JTAG) (utap:) Loader software ver. {1.0} Sending code to USB TAP - please wait
0: USB TAP (JTAG) (utap:) CC software ver. {1.3}

To update the flash…

(bin) 96 % delete all
(bin) 97 % updateutap
USB TAP Loader current software ver. {1.0} Sending code to USB TAP - please wait

*** WARNING ***

DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR USB TAP: Doing so will render your USB TAP non-functional and require factory reprogramming.
Please wait until the alternating Yellow/Green RUN/PAUSE light turns off.

Have a great day,

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